Used Ford F-150 for sale near Edison, NJ

Save On A Ford F-150 Pick-Up: Shop Used at Liccardi Used Car Super Center

Buying a brand new Ford F-150 doesn't have to be the only way you enjoy your next pick-up truck. At Liccardi Used Car Super Center, we're a used car dealer serving Newark and Edison, and we can make you deals on used Ford F-150 trucks that can offer you many of the same benefits that new F-150 models do.

Whether you're a Ford truck enthusiast who wants to save a little money, you're buying on a budget or you simply prefer buying used vehicles, we know we have the right Ford F-150 truck for you at Liccardi Used Car Super Center near Piscataway.

Our goal is to stock high value used vehicles, including an impressive inventory of used Ford trucks, including the capable and feature packed Ford F-150. We know we can make you an offer on a used Ford F-150 truck in Newark that you simply won't find at any other dealership in the area.

Why Buy From Liccardi Used Car Super Center?

Simply put, there isn't another dealership in the area that can top our quality or prices here at Liccardi Used Car Super Center. Our team is committed to bringing in only high value vehicles that have plenty of miles left on them, and that includes an array of power packed Ford F-150 trucks.

Whether you're buying on a tighter budget or you just like saving money, our Ford F-150 inventory is sure to include the Ford F-150 truck that's perfect for your occupation or personal driving preferences.

Buying a used car can sometimes feel stressful or intimidating, but that's only if you choose a dealer that doesn't put their customers first. At Liccardi Used Car Super Center, we're all about customer satisfaction and total transparency. We want you to easily find a used Ford F-150 that you can enjoy and look forward to driving for many years to come.

Our team will happily work alongside our customers - whether they're buying online or in store, to help them find the truck that's right for them. We don't believe in pressuring our customers, either. So that means you can shop at your own pace and rely on our team if you need assistance in picking the right F-150 for you.

Buying a used Ford F-150 at Liccardi Used Car Super Center will help you keep some hard earned money in your wallet. You'll appreciate a flexible down payment as well as lower monthly payments, which, in turn, may allow you to pay off your loan sooner than you might with a brand-new Ford. Our customers sometimes see a lower insurance rate as well as less depreciation within the first few years of ownership.

At Liccardi Used Car Super Center, we also offer the option to shop for your next Ford F-150 online. Our website makes it easy to browse all our used Ford F-150 models in stock - and you can check out photos and videos as well.

Some of our used Ford F-150 trucks are of newer model years and feature the latest in towing and hauling capacity, lower mileage and updated tech, safety and entertainment options. Newark area drivers can also shop used Ford F-150 trucks in Newark from our bargain inventory with much lower price points.

Find the right used F-150 deal for you at Liccardi Used Car Super Center today. Browse our current offers online or in store for more detail, and let us know if you have questions about any truck, our financing plan or setting up a test drive.

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