Purchase a Used Model Under $10k from Our Bargain Inventory near Piscataway

Save money on another vehicle by purchasing a model from our used inventory. You'll find multiple models that display high value that can cost you less than $10,000. Find the perfect vehicle for you at Liccardi Used Car Super Center in Watchung. We can't wait to show you our inventory that houses pre-owned vehicles under $10k. Read why you should purchase these vehicles below. Visit our dealership afterward to test drive any of the vehicles before purchasing.

Why Buy from Us

You will get a quality used vehicle without paying so much out of pocket when shopping through the used inventory at Liccardi Used Car Super Center. These vehicles not only keeps your budget under $10,000, but it also provides more bang for your buck. They are in good condition due to our service technicians ensuring that everything is intact and ready for purchase. Our used models under $10k also have low miles for drivers who often drive outside Edison, NJ. Continue to take care of the vehicle by bringing it to our service center near Bridgewater routinely to extend the car's life. You won't regret purchasing our used vehicles, especially the models under $10k.

Our Available Models

We carry multiple car brands that vary in body type and trim level. You can find sedans, hatchbacks, and more when shopping through our "Under 10k" inventory. Purchase a sedan like the Hyundai Sonata. This car has plenty of seating and trunk space for any trip you plan to take it on. It also has a powerful engine to get you to your destination expeditiously. You can also find hatchback models like the Kia Soul, which also has great seating and cargo space but carries more performance features to help stabilize the vehicle due to its size.

Come to Us Today!

Come to Liccardi Used Car Super Center to get started on the purchase process of our used inventory today. We can't wait to show you the models under $10k that can save you tons of money. See you soon!